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Juan Luqui (born April 20th 1991, Buenos Aires, Argentina)  is a young multifaceted musical artist who expresses himself as a composer, orchestrator and performer.

Juan’s work breaks all barriers as it involves every musical genre and media. He is the only co-composer, orchestrator and collaborator of the two all-time biggest music producers in Latin America: 2 time Academy Award and, 19 time Grammy winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla and 16 time Grammy Award winning mix engineer Anibal Kerpel contributing on soundtracks for movies (including award winning score of Narcos, Tout Nous Separe, A Life In 12 Bars, The Tribes of Palos Verdes, amongst many others), video games (Sony PlayStation’s The Last Of Us 2), albums like (Cafe Tacvba, Bajofondo, Qhapac Nan, Raconto, Raices) and musicals (Pan's Labyrinth, Arrabal), and everything in the likes.

As a performer and orchestrator, Juan is involved in many of the elite performances, ensembles and venues worldwide. In 2018 he had the privilege of being selected to play the Ronroco (an ethnic guitar-like instrument from South America) at the Walt Disney Concert Hall alongside the LA Phil conducted by Gustavo Dudamel during the PST concert series, a series honoring Latin American art and artists. He also performs and directs regularly the music of Astor Piazzola for the Lombard Twins show 'Lombard Plays Piazzolla’, a worldwide phenomenon. Juan also orchestrates and performs worldwide the music of his and Santaolalla’s scores, with multiple performances in places like Kuwait, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Croatia, Serbia, Los Angeles, and many more.

As a freelance producer, Juan has done more than 30 albums for various up and coming latin artists in Argentina, and United States, including Come & C, Josefina Silveyra, Lula Miranda, Rodrigo Crespo and Santiago Vidal. He also produces and releases his own records, as well as his duo project, ‘Peonte’.